Ongoing Case Study – From Nowhere to Number One

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Client: Cajun Hookers Fishing Guide


Services: SEO, Conversion Optimization, Data Analytics, Reputation Management.

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Fishing Guide

Case Summary:  Discover how our team is helping pave the way for this growing business to become one of the leading fishing guides in Venice, Louisiana.

Check out the challenge, our solution, and the results we delivered below ↓


Cajun Hookers and Sofia Marketing began a partnership in mid-September 2019. It is currently mid-October so they have been with us for about a month now. We continue to actively monitor and work on all of our clients, but a lot of the SEO work is done in the first few months. Therefore, we wanted to include this case study and will update this page as we continue to make progress. Read up on the results we have shown in this first month and then come back in a month or two to see the progress we have made. Although Cajun Hookers began to develop their business through other outlets, this project was still a “start-from-scratch” type, as they had little to no online assets at the beginning of our partnership. Cajun Hookers wanted to develop online assets and optimize them to perform on Google and therefore improve their online presence and grow their business.    


We began by developing and optimizing a website for Cajun Hookers. One good thing about a start-from-scratch project is that we were able to choose the domain name. We chose because this will help us rank in Google for high volume search terms such as “fishing guide Venice”. We installed Google Analytics on the site so that we are able to monitor site interactions such as phone calls and form fills. Along with the website, we also created a Google My Business profile which will help them rank in Google Maps along with helping SEO in general. We then began a reputation management campaign to help generate Google reviews for this Google My Business profile. To help drive traffic to the site, we implemented a traffic ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Lastly, we began building power links from high-authority domains. 


Mid-October, about a month after beginning work on this project, we have already made significant progress. We have taken a website with virtually no Google presence and moved it to page 2 of Google search results for search phrases such as “fishing guide Venice”. More importantly, we’ve moved their map listing to rank number 6. This will significantly increase business generated from local searches. To see Sofia Marketing CEO, Jim Reynolds, update this case study please view the videos above.