Challenges in SEO

There are several challenges in SEO that every firm must deal with at some point. They are constantly involved in a cycle of collecting data, analyzing it, reporting and developing new plans based on the results that they've gotten. This article will discuss some of the challenges in SEO that can affect decisions about where you'll spend time and money.


Google Changes

One of the biggest challenges in SEO is dealing with the changes that Google makes all the time. While Google seems to be an objective search engine, it ensures that paid ads that bring it revenue occupy the first three places in the results. At the same time, it actively works to thwart the efforts of small and large companies, to have their own businesses found via search.

SEO companies must adjust to changes such as the Penguin update, Passage Ranking and other algorithm updates that can wipe out the profits of their clients. Google constantly makes these updates, leaving SEOs searching for new ways to ensure that consumers can find the businesses that they need, doing online searches.


Dynamic Markets

Markets change all the time and what is trending today may not even receive ten searches a few months from now. You can invest a lot of effort in ensuring that a site is optimized for a particular keyword, and then find that the market is no longer interested in that product. Other businesses may also be competing for the keywords that you target, with new competitors emerging every day.


Extensive Analysis

Men and women who enjoy SEO are usually good analysts and even then, the level of deep analysis that is required can be staggering. You must account for unexpected changes that could affect your data. For example, when Apple made a change to iOS 6 that caused searches from within Safari to be counted as direct traffic instead of search traffic, it caused significant problems for SEO analysts.


Changes to the Layout of the SERPs

Google is always trying to adjust the layout of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), in order to increase their own advertising revenue. Most of the time, this results in drops in traffic for everyone else who appears in the results. For example, some changes have meant that on some mobile devices, users would have to scroll to see their listings. SEO experts also have to find ways to adapt when new elements that are added to the SERPs, distract from the search for a particular keyword.

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