Content Marketing

Content includes blogs, videos, emails, eBooks, social media updates, as well as the text on your website. In the SEO world, content is king. Your website will not be highlighted on Google searches unless you have good, quality content and lots of it.

Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

As partners with you, we believe that creating a quality site full of great content is one of the best ways to enhance your online presence. We strive to follow these guidelines in order to optimize the information you give us to attract more customers to your business.

How Can Content Marketing Help You Get More Customers?

Content marketing creates signals across the web that builds credibility. The content written for you will also be content that is relevant to your customers. Your site is a place where you can really show people who you are. The best websites are built for people, not robots. We want your customers to be able to find the information that they need, not just a website full of SEO fluff.

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What We Offer:

First of all, we want your website to stand out as a reputable source of information. We do our best to make sure that only top quality content is published on your site and that relevant information is relayed in a clear and concise manner. We use photos and videos, where appropriate, to provide the user with diverse content.

Secondly, we make sure all of the content on your page is unique. There are plenty of sites out there that might be similar to yours, but in order to get ranked on Google, you need original content. We do not plagiarize or copy other websites, we create new unique pages for you so that search engines see you as a reliable source of information.

In the past, techniques like keyword stuffing were very common in the SEO world. Google is smarter than that now. Your site will actually be penalized for using such “tricks”.  We don’t overuse keywords, we use them appropriately to relay pertinent information in a way that is not forced or unnatural.