Dallas Museum of Art

The Best Place For Art Lovers In Dallas

Dallas, Texas is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the entire United States of America. It is a booming city in terms of business and culture. The city is famous for its cultural activities and significance. There is no shortage of operas, concerts, musicals, and other events in this city. Furthermore, they are a major player in the sporting industry of America with extremely popular teams in both basketball and football.

Of all the things to do in Dallas, the best for visiting art lovers is without a doubt their famous Dallas Museum of Art. It was founded in 1903 by the Dallas Art Association (DAA) and survived until this day as the main support of the visual arts in Dallas. Their goal is to promote and exhibit the excellence of art from the diverse communities and cultures around the world.


Dallas Museum of Art Exhibits

The changing exhibits of the Dallas Museum of Art are truly one of the greatest events in Dallas for the art connoisseurs and history buffs. The art exhibit in Dallas is a diverse one featuring a range of art from different cultures and countries. The most popular exhibit in the museums’ history was one about Tutankhamun, an ancient pharaoh hailing from Egypt. Their current exhibits feature art from Africa, Mexico, France, and even Islam. The Dallas Museum of Art is not restricted to works of art performed by residents of Dallas or even the entire United States.

Art Collections in Dallas Museum of Art

As mentioned earlier, the Dallas Museum of Art features art from all around the world. As such, they are each deserving of their own little collections. The museum has a diverse range of collections for their art-loving visitors to enjoy. Islamic art enthusiasts will be pleased to hear about their Keir Collection of Islamic Arts. Perhaps you are more interested in the art found in the Americas and would like to view that collection. They have collections from Africa, Asia, American, Europe, and even the Pacific Islands. The museum even has collections of classical arts up to contemporary arts.

The museum is an amalgamation of the different mediums of art. There are not just paintings located here, but also sculptures, tapestries, statues, masks, and other ornaments. It is a trip through the history of art in the world. Explore a wide range of art exhibits and collections in this wonderful museum.

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