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Example #1: 33% Organic Traffic Increase Despite COVID

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Example #2: Google Organic Ranking Increases

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Example #3: Improved Web Presence for Google My Business(Google Maps Listing)

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Diehl Plastics and Sofia Marketing began a partnership in November 2019 so we have been working together over a year at the time of this study.  There were multiple challenges involved in this project but the main 3 were as follows:

1. Local SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Improving local search engine rankings to increase traffic from Google organic searches.

2. PPC(Pay Per Click) Google Ads. Developing an advertising strategy to produce sustainable lead sources for various procedures.

3. Website Design. Making changes to the client's website design to improve conversion rate optimization.


1. Local SEO. We began by discussing with Dr. Diehl and determining for which keywords she wanted to improve her Google organic exposure. After determining the keywords "female plastic surgeon", "plastic surgeon", "labiaplasty", and "submental liposuction" were important to her(along with many other procedure related terms), we optimized her website for these phrases. We then continued to add content to the website related to these phrases while also building backlinks across the web to Dr. Diehl's website. We optimized her Google My Business(map listing) profile and began regular posting there. We also built identical business listings across the web to re-enforce her business's legitimacy and authority from Google's perspective.

2. PPC Google Ads. The ad strategy we used here was focused on producing local leads for certain procedures that Dr. Diehl felt brought the most value to her business. We developed procedure specific ad campaigns targeting people in the area searching for phrases relating to those procedures.(i.e. a local search for "neck fat removal surgery" would trigger the submental liposuction ad campaign.

3. Website Design. Dr. Diehl already had a website but we helped her improve the site by adding before-and-after galleries that were age-restricted. We also helped Dr. Diehl improve her websites conversion rates by creating procedure specific landing pages deigned specifically to gather lead information.


1. Local SEO. Of course 2020 was, without question, a tough year for almost everyone that owned a brick and mortar business. But despite COVID, Dr. Diehl's website actually received a 30% increase in website visitors from Google organic search in 2020 compared to the previous year.(See example 1) Much of this increase was due to improved rankings on terms such as "female plastic surgeon Raleigh" at #1, "plastic surgeon Raleigh" from #9 to #1,  "vaginal rejuvenation Raleigh" from #4 to #1 along with ranking increases on many other terms as well.(See example 2) We also increased Dr. Diehl's local map presence with our Google My Business optimization and active posting.(See example 3)

2. PPC Google Ads. Even with a smaller budget dedicated to Google ads, we were able to focus our advertising efforts on procedures that Dr. Diehl requested. Since we focused on procedure specific searches only we were able to establish a sustainable flow of high quality leads from Google ads.

3. Website Design. We were able to help Dr. Diehl add certain assets to her website that she had been wanting such as before-and-after galleries and dedicated procedure specific landing pages. These new assets improved the overall site experience and ultimately improve overall conversion rates.



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