Fort Worth Stockyards

If you're looking for a blast from the past, Fort Worth Stockyards National Historical District is as good a place as any get a sense of what life was like during the days of cowboys, gunslingers, and ranchers.

With a wide array of activities available for visitors of all ages, the Stockyards is best known for the singular place it held in the livestock and cattle industry in Texas. Pared with the fact that it has saloons, restaurants and shopping to spare -- this quintessential Fort Worth destination is a great place for anyone from anywhere looking for a great time.



A lot of the early prospering the Forth Worth Stockyards underwent can be attributed to the establishment of the railroads in 1876. Cattle and livestock has been the dominant industry in the Stockyards since the very beginning and the railroads only served to strengthen that. Decades onwards numerous changes in ownership and an expansion into meat packing and auctioning meant that by 1905, the Fort Worth Stockyards was selling a million cattle per year.

To this day, the district has maintained its Western aesthetic, with over forty buildings listed as important historical sites, and is one of the last true stockyards in the United States.



Here is a list of some things visitors can do when visiting this grand old district:

Have a Meal

Famous eateries like Billy Bob's Texas Honky Tonk Kitchen, and the Nestle Toll House Café offers delicious food and drink and lots of agreeable fun-fare fit for the whole family.


Have a Drink

If you're looking for places to explore the Fort Worth Stockyard's nightlife, check out establishments like Basement Bar, Cowtown Winery, and Filthy McNasty's Saloon. All those an more offer up the kind of fun adults partake in.


Witness the Famous Cattle Drive

Twice daily, herd of long-horned cattle is driven across the district right before your eyes. Stand and witness cowboys and cows pass by as they remind you what the West and Texas stands for.


Hear the Cowtown Opry

The infamous Cowtown Opry is a groups of musicians and singers that are resolute on keeping Texas' musical heritage alive. Watch them perform every day at 2pm on the steps of the Exchange Building and hear them as they tell the tale of Fort Worth's storied past.


Take a Tour

For an educational rundown of the district, history buffs and families should consider availing of the Fort Worth Stockyards Adventure Pass tour. This tour takes you around town while informing you of the significances of all the sights and sounds.

Check out the Fort Worth Stockyards Official Website for more information on the place and what to do when visiting.

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