How Long Does it Take to Design a Website?

Every business knows that having a website right now is important to ensure the success of your company and have exposure to a bigger audience. A website includes different web pages, a layout video, images, a landing page, another kind of media, sidebar, content, call-to-action, and many other parts. Building a website is a complex process so it only makes sense that it takes a long time to complete it. Website developers and designers work hard and spend a lot of time preparing themselves and are constantly getting updates on new website design and development trends, they make sure to take their time to deliver a professional result that will attract your clients and help your business achieve its goals.


How Long Does It Take To Create a Website?

Most websites will take anywhere from 12 to 16 months to be completed. If the website design and development is too complex it could even take 6 months to finish it. Building a new website is hard work so it is important to have a realistic deadline. Be wary of companies that offer to finish the job in less time than the competition. Here is an insight into the process of building a website.


Discovery Phase

This is the part where you talk to the website development and design team and discuss what goals you have for the website and how you expect the website to perform. You have to share the brand logo, color palette, and any specific request regarding the visual aspect of the website. The company will also learn about your target audience.


Wireframes Creation

The website design and development team will create wireframes to show you the structure of the website and then create a full-color mockup. This is the time when you get a glimpse of how the website will look and function and you can offer your feedback so they can change or adjust what you want.


Coding The Website

This is the part where the team starts to build the website and this is the stage that takes the most time. They can show you progress every week or so and it is important that you carefully examine the content to make sure it doesn't have errors.


Preview And Launch

The designer will send you a preview of the final website, it is time to review everything carefully, request any changes, and accept to publish the new site.

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