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3 Ways to Utilize the Holiday Season for Internet Marketing Fort Worth

During the holiday season, many small businesses choose to cut back or halt their digital marketing efforts. This is a mistake! The holidays are a great time to take advantage of internet marketing.

In the colder months (more specifically Christmastime), your audience has a lot more time to relax and scroll through their smartphones. People are also beginning to think about the things they want to ask for as gifts or buy for other people. Additionally, people spend more money on themselves during the holiday season, meaning several missed opportunities from your business to gain new customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Failing to take the time to focus on your SEO will quickly put your competitors above you. Your ranking in Google will likely drop and customers will have a more difficult time finding your business without searching for it directly. Your potential customers are going to be searching on Google for their Christmas lists, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to show up in the top results.

Don’t have time to write new content? Go into the content and blogs on your website and optimize with keywords. Staying current with the top keywords in your industry and products and services that you provide will make you more available for potential sales.

Be Active on Social Media

Posting organically on social media keeps your business in the forefront of your clients and customers minds. Upkeeping your social media during the holidays and posting about your products and/or services shows that your business is active and allows you to convince customers to choose you. Social media also allows you to interact with clients and customers to build your brand trustworthiness and awareness.

Run Paid Ads on Social Media and Google

Running ads during the holidays can be expensive when competing with your other businesses in your market. Allow yourself to spend the time to test a variety of audiences, creatives, and ad copy. This will help you find the best strategy to reach your top audience and make more sales.

Turning your focus toward different online marketing techniques could help you see a significant increase in sales this holiday season. If you need assistance with your digital marketing, call on our Fort Worth SEO company.

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