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Dallas Fort Worth SEO Specialist: What Sofia Marketing Brings to the Table

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

If your company has a website that you’ve put time and money into, you should be seeing consistent returns on your investment. Websites are expensive to create and maintain; if you’re not thrilled with the work your website is doing for you, then you probably need a Dallas Forth Worth SEO specialist.

The truth is, search engines don’t care that your website is new or beautiful. In fact, it’s unlikely that most clients will even have the chance to appreciate the effort you’ve placed into your online presence if they don’t find you within the first page or two of search results.

The internet is a living thing, changing day by day based on the content available and the myriad ways we all choose to interact with it. In order to remain visible and competitive on this ever-evolving, dynamic platform, it’s essential for you to have skilled SEO specialists on your team continually guiding your online presence into the spotlight.

IMPORTANT: New clients won’t get a chance to appreciate your beautiful website design if they don’t find you within the first page or two of search results.

Our Methods

Dallas forth worth seo

Sofia Marketing creates individualized plans designed to maximize the success of each of our clients rather than relying on homogeneous SEO services. From our first meeting all the way through our long-term plan for maintaining your SEO results, you will notice that the Sofia difference is in the details.

We go beyond algorithms and keywords when crafting content for our clients. Truly great SEO firms are more than technicians following a set of rules; they are highly creative thinkers who love telling compelling true stories.

We want the opportunity to tell YOUR story. When we tell your company’s story, we will turn search engine rankings and subsequent clicks into genuine connections with your clients and your community.

Our Content Team

Dallas forth worth seo

Creating and maintaining a dominant position in search engine rankings requires a skilled team of professionals who can each be relied upon to deliver work that will bring the spotlight to your website.

One key to our continued success is our dedicated staff of professional writers. Each of our clients receives a growing cache of full-length, unique articles to populate their website with fresh content. Search engines algorithms love this technique, yet our work will also be highly satisfying for potential customers visiting your website for quality information. Each time a client returns to your site, they will be able to dip into a repository of new, well-written content.

Additionally, our video producer will create stylish, interesting videos about your business that we will then plug into your website. Our video team will come to your business to shoot on-location so potential consumers can get a real feel for your company. Footage of your location along with team member and current customer interviews will be paired with the perfect soundtrack.

Dallas forth worth seo

Every article and video we create becomes another opportunity for us to utilize your social media accounts to direct traffic back to your website. As you can see, substantial, innovative content will help make your website increasingly visible.

Our SEO Specialists

While we are still of the mindset that “Content is King,” we also have several SEO specialists working in tandem with our writers and video production team. Together, our content team and our SEO team target relevant keywords that are then strategically placed in your written content. Additionally, the “techies” at Sofia Marketing stay abreast of all of the most effective SEO strategies and work behind the scenes to implement them (always using white hat SEO methods).

Our Track Record

At Sofia Marketing, we will always be honest with you. That’s why we’ll tell you from the beginning that there is no such thing as a quick return on the investment you’re making into your business’s SEO ranking.

It always takes time to create SEO success that lasts. Since we have no way to show you what will be happening with your company in six month’s time, let us show you what we’ve been able to accomplish for our other clients.

Dallas forth worth seo

Our many success stories clearly demonstrate our track record. We bring companies up from the unseen back pages of search engine results forward into maximum exposure spots, giving our clients a powerful return on their investment.

However, if we look into your company and realize there are unusual limitations on what we can accomplish on your behalf, we will give you this information as part of our comprehensive initial assessment.

Many SEO companies require their clients to sign long-term contracts, locking them in regardless of the eventual results. Sofia Marketing doesn’t. We don’t want you to stay with us because you have to; we know you’ll choose to keep working with us when you see the exciting results our hard work yields.

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