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Digital Marketer Checklist for Business Owners

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

When you’re hiring a new digital marketer for your team, it’s helpful to have a digital marketer checklist on-hand to keep track of all of your candidates and the skills each one brings to the table.

Naturally, it’s in your best interest to try to hire a candidate who can tick off as many of these boxes as possible with well-developed, solid skills. Since it may not be possible to hire someone who possesses every skill in spades, it might be helpful to prioritize which skills will impact your business expansion the most.

Be prepared to pay for a top-quality candidate; today’s digital marketers know their worth. Experience counts here – look for someone who has worked hard over several to many years developing a wide range of skill sets. This is usually a case of getting what you pay for; unless you’re willing to accept a candidate with very little experience, you will need to view your digital marketer’s rates as an investment into the long-term success of your business.

Whether you work with a team of digital marketing professionals or are looking to hire one person who can fit the bill, you must first have a solid understanding of precisely what digital marketing entails.

Digital Marketer Checklist

Digital marketers promote businesses via: website(s), search engine marketing, SEO, pay per click ads, social media platforms, blogs, email blasts or newsletters, mobile marketing, banner ads and anything else that has a digital foundation.

Digital marketers who possess the five following professional qualities/areas of expertise will be well-equipped to promote your business:

1. Adaptability

The landscape of digital marketing is constantly shifting. If your marketer can’t continuously learn and expand their horizons to stay ahead of the competition, your business will be falling behind. There isn’t a lot of room for complacency in digital marketing, so this skill is absolutely non-negotiable.

2. Excellent Language Skills

Consumers judge a business partially based on the quality of their copy. It’s very difficult for consumers to take your business seriously if your digital media copy is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes.

For this reason, your digital marketing candidate should display an impressive grasp of language. Their writing, grammar, and spelling should all be impeccable, yet conversational and compelling. Their storytelling skills should be able to draw readers into their world.

In order for a candidate to pass muster when it comes to language skills, their portfolio should includes numerous examples of high-quality copy that is lively, engaging, relatable, and composed with collegiate-level spelling and grammar skills. Only then can you check the language skills box.

NOTE: If you plan to hire (or already work with) a professional copywriter who will work in tandem with your digital marketer, this skill should fall only slightly lower on your priority list. Solid language skills are still a must, even with a writer on staff.

3. Graphics Experience

digital marketer checklist

It’s helpful for your digital marketing team to be able to create simple graphics to accompany your content. People engage more with content that contains original graphic content.

Graphs, attractive yet simple posters, or even enhanced stock photographs can make a huge difference in consumer interaction with a post.

This skill isn’t as necessary as adaptability or language skills, especially if you plan to hire a graphics designer, but it’s a nice bonus if a digital marketing candidate has at least some graphics experience and talent.

4. Analytics

In order to help you assess what’s happening with the content your company is producing and distributing, as well as having a good grasp on what your competitors are up to, it would be excellent if your digital marketing candidate has had some prior experience with interpreting marketing analytics.

“How well did site visitors react to our new website design? Are our blog posts ranked high in the SERPS? Are we using the right keywords to get the traffic we need?”

Analytics give you insight into how consumers are interacting with your content, which will tell you what’s working and what really isn’t working for your audience. This keeps you from wasting money by dumping it into a marketing channel that isn’t generating any new business for you.

Take special note of candidates who have this skill, but request evidence that they can accurately interpret the data before you sign a contract agreeing to pay them a higher salary for this type of work. Remain cautious of candidates who seem too good to be true until they’ve demonstrated a true understanding of marketing analytics. It’s a rather complex area – one that your digital marketing professional must have a grasp on.

5. Content Marketing

digital marketer checklist

This is where you want to hire a great marketer who has a specialty, whether it’s excellent writing, slick video production skills, or exceptional social media savvy.

Don’t settle for mediocre skills in order to satisfy something like graphic abilities. Your candidate really needs to shine in at least one–hopefully more–of these key areas. Look for someone who is intelligent and a fast learner, and they’ll quickly be able to add to their repertoire until they’ve mastered all areas of digital marketing.

Keep all of the aforementioned skills and abilities in the forefront of your mind when you’re doing your next round of adding to your digital marketing team. A strong digital marketer can really help to position a company for success, so take your time vetting your candidates. Be sure to think carefully about what digital marketing skills your company needs to be able to push through and overtake the competition.

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