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“Don Draper Textbook” Showing Us How to Close More Deals

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

You cannot succeed with sales unless you are able to close the deal. If you are not closing then you are not selling. All you are doing is investing a lot of time in a process that does not come to the desired conclusion. One of the most consequential factors at play that can contribute to a successful closing has to be the leverage and confidence you possess when going into a sale.

Apply the following information effectively and you may be capable to build both your confidence and leverage:

Stop emotional attachments when they are clouding your vision.

Emotional attachments can reek of desperation whether focused on the ego, the money or the time invested into your sales process. And anyway, many prospects see right through the desperation or need for a quick sale and can even sense that your pitch is now more focused on getting a deal done than it is about the solutions and value you can offer. You need to be able to close it with a greater sense of confidence. This, in turn, should eliminate bad deals altogether.

Manage your pipeline

You need to manage all of your accounts over the entire sales process using an account profile management system-a cork board will suffice-to post prospect information on as they progress through sales cycle stages. This is a great way to visually follow your sales activity. There are software programs that do the same thing. However, seeing your writing and notations up on your wall is a constant reminder to work harder. Engaging yourself in activity’s which move you through your sales cycle will give you the power to either close a sale or walk away confidently.

Formulate your value statement

You need to believe in your mission, the products you market and understand what benefits are your customers receiving. And the term, value statement denotes the fact that you need to have a very enthusiastic and confident belief in whatever you are selling. A lot of it can come from the positive results experienced by your clients.

Possess a very stout history and track record

Amassing an impressive track record full of positive testimonials and results is priceless. For your closing ratios to increase, you should be focused on all of the great results you can provide your customers with. Ask your prospects what they want to do with your services or products once they are in possession of them. Understand what their specified objectives are and then over deliver those objectives. Because in the future when you need help closing a deal, you can contact these satisfied customers who will gladly help you out.

As so many of us are already keenly aware of, losing a deal that you have put your heart and soul into can be quite demoralizing. Maybe your business activity was lacking or the qualifying questions were lacking something, etc. Whatever your situation is, effectively utilizing the tips in this article will allow you to close more deals with ease and waste a lot less of your precious time. And we all know that time is money.

Key steps in closing a sale

1. Show your prospect you really do care.

Your new prospect is looking for someone who they think will help them succeed. Showing that you really care will make the opening conversion go more smoothly. I’m sure we have all been hammered by that typical network marketer who just rambles on and on about their opportunity. This is not the person you want to be. Show your prospects you’re on their side and will do what ever it takes to get them to the top.

2. Be a great listener

When you ask questions to learn to listen and consume everything they are saying. People love to talk about themselves and when you listen you show you truly to care. Let people express themselves and talking is the best way. It’s crucial that you gain trust and have a good relationship with better close leads.

3. Find something in common

As you’re talking with your prospect, try and find something of common interest you have with them. When you find a comment interest you are showing your prospect that you are equal to them. All you want your prospect to know is you are in the same boat with them and you found a great opportunity both can have success with.

4. Find out their goals

Really ask some good questions that pull out the goals of your prospect. Find out where they are coming from and why they are now looking at your opportunity. Ask questions and listen for the response. Figure out what their goals are and then show them how your opportunity can help fulfill those goals.

5. Ask for the sale.

This may be the hardest part for many of you and it’s the most crucial. If you don’t ask for the sale, well, you won’t get the sale. By this time you have built up a great relationship with your lead, and it’s time to tell them they are someone who would be a great fit on your team. Try and get them to take action right away. It may be a little pressure but most people like the motivation, and they will be more than eager to join you.

Consider the following in closing your sales:

Be patient

Sales are about selling and earning at the same time. But you don’t have to hurry things. There is always a right time to speak and a right time to listen to your customers’ needs and concerns. You have to learn the art of speaking as you help your customers understand what they really need. You should be accommodating to your customers. But you also have to consider your time in doing this. You should be tactful in explaining your side without being noticed that you are keeping track of your time.

Give your customers an option

Do not dictate your customers. What you should do is give them sets of products and services they need and explain it to them. When you do this, explain the specifications of the products you have and the benefits they can get from the services they would like to avail. Make sure your customers understand what you say very well. Let them select from your products and services.


You cannot have a sale unless they confirm that they are going to buy or take your products and services. Ask them if they have further queries about the products or services. Then if they don’t, close the deal. At the end of the transaction, don’t forget to thank your clients.

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