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How to Choose the Best Digital Marketer

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Choosing a digital marketing company for your business is a hefty decision as there are a few important points that are necessary to consider. We suggest focusing on the following four key issues in the process of selecting a marketing firm to represent your company.

Results driven.

When interviewing potential marketing firms, proof of successful results should be your first telltale sign of whether a firm even makes it into the running. By witnessing their past results, you will know the level at which the potential firm operates. It can be meaningful to find out if this firm has served or worked with a client or product in a challenging market, such as a large city.

If this firm has been successful in moving this client’s webpage to the top results in Google, then this client is obviously making a high return on investment (ROI). Ask to hear the process and see case studies that tell how this firm created high webpage traffic for their clients. In such a competitive search engine optimization (SEO) world, if a firm can show you tangible results, you will have a better idea if they would be a potential marketing company in which to invest.


Before you decide that you want to dedicate time listening to a marketing firm’s sales pitch, you have to determine whether or not they truly understand your business. An experienced digital marketer will spend more of the first 10 minutes asking questions about your business rather than just talking or making a sales pitch.

He or she needs to understand your goals, what you’re trying to communicate, and how their firm is going to obtain results for you. The marketing team should begin to “get” your business and what is unique about it, while proposing ideas and beginning to carve out just how their firm will be able to meet your goals.


When choosing a professional marketing firm, it is important to find a team that is well-versed in the ins-and-outs of the digital marketing world. Avoid firms that only have specific knowledge about one point, such as Search Engine Optimization. Obviously, it’s vital that they have knowledge about SEO, but they need to be well-rounded and possess the skills needed that will produce the right results for your company.

For example, SEO may not always work for every business – it can be pricey, and the competition could be too fierce. So, is the digital marketer able to suggest a different path (such as ad management or SMS marketing) that will provide results while also working within your budget to get you leads?


Is the digital marketer able to lay everything out in a way that is easy for you to understand? The right marketing team or individual should be able to explain why your business’s website is currently on a certain results page rather than in the top few website results. He or she should also tell you exactly how their firm is going to get your website to one of the top 3 overall results using your key search term(s). A realistic timeline should also be offered up.

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