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How To: Make Your Site More User-Friendly

Increase your loading speed

Consistent research states that slow sites lower conversion rates thanks to the poor user experience they create. When your site is taking too long to load, you are at risk of losing several leads as a result of a long waiting time. Potential clients who may wait for the homepage or landing page to load may not have the patience to wait on a page to load that fits their specific needs, therefore costing you a conversion. The quicker the loading speed, the easier it is for your clients to effectively interact with your products and services.

Keep it Interesting

Upkeeping your page content and blogs allows you to keep your site interesting to viewers. Each page should host content relevant to your business in such a way that potential clients are engaged and want to learn more about your business. It is also important to keep your content in short, readable sentences that make it easy for your site visitors to skim through the content to “get the idea.” If your site reads like a novel and requires intensive reading, you are likely to lose a few leads.

Be strategic with your layout

When designing (or re-designing) your site, design with a purpose. Each page on your site should maximize the user experience with easy access and understandability. Don’t get so lost in the appearance of your site (although it is important) and think about how your users can best interact with your business and content.

Include accurate contact information

The most important part of your site is your contact page. If your contact page is nonexistent or holds inaccurate email(s), phone number(s), or address(es), you will find yourself regularly losing clients who were ready to close. Additionally, mis-matched information can often cause your Google My Business profile to fall in rankings, which is where much of your client base finds you.

Know your audience

Be familiar with every aspect of your potential audience. Knowing how to meet the needs of your audience and how to advertise how you meet those needs will increase conversions significantly.

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