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Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Whether your business is already established and booming or burgeoning and home-based, social media marketing is the best way to enhance your brand and render your business visible online. The strongest online presences utilize social media to drive traffic to their websites and ultimately attract and catch customers. Today, we’ll delve into one of our clients’ most frequently asked questions: Why is social media marketing important for small businesses and large corporations alike?

Social media has rapidly become increasingly ubiquitous to modern life. It completely surrounds us like the air we breathe, and most of us check our social media accounts more often than we eat each day. The majority are connected to multiple social media platforms via our mobile devices, which enables us to check them anywhere, anytime.

why is social media marketing important for small businesses

Like it or not, social media is everything. And social media marketing is everything to the success of your business.

Although the world of social media can be overwhelming, we have five simple steps that will help you incorporate an effective social media strategy into your overall marketing approach.

1. Identify your target demographic

In order to do this, you first need to ask yourself some obvious but important questions:

  • Who does your product or service benefit?

  • What is your typical customer’s age group?

  • Does your product/service attract one gender more than the other?

  • What is the average socioeconomic status of your target customers?

  • Who would you most like your messages to reach?

By conducting a casual analysis of your customer base you can accurately determine your target demographic, which will help to shape your social media plan.

why is social media marketing important for small businesses

2. Determine your goals and prioritize them

For many small business owners, the primary goal is to drive traffic to their business website. Is this also your goal? Perhaps you want to create an online space where satisfied customers will leave positive reviews. Are search engine rankings a priority? (They should be.) Do you want to have a diversified social media presence (across multiple channels)? Do you want to build brand awareness that will render your business a household name? Do you want to cultivate deeper relationships with your existing customer base? These are all important questions to ask yourself when determining and prioritizing your goals in building a strong online presence.

3. Select platforms to focus on

If your target demographic for a new cosmetic product is teenage girls, you will want to include hip, trendy and visual social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

For services like plumbing or blind installation, your content will thrive on platforms like Facebook (with over 1.13 billion active daily users), and Youtube, where video tutorials have become popular among adult homeowners. Women ages 20-45 flock to Pinterest to get inspiration for everything from seasonal clothing to arts and crafts. A surprising statistic to some is that young men are Pinterest’s fastest growing demographic.  By knowing where to most effectively focus your energy and resources, you will be able to build the most visible, attractive and engaging online presence possible.

4. Set a schedule and approach

Now that you’ve identified your target demographic, set your goals and selected your most important social media channels, you need to determine what type of content you will share, who will generate it, and when to post it. Your overall approach is the most important component of your social media marketing plan. If you have a team of employees to draw from or will be relying on the help of a consultant to create original content, now is the time to start assigning work.

why is social media marketing important for small businesses

5. Encourage engagement

Now that you’ve created a social media presence for your business, you will need to continually maintain and increase audience engagement by posting fresh and compelling content. Additionally, take the time to respond to users in a timely fashion. You may also consider purchasing social media ads, as social media algorithms are now progressively prioritizing advertisements in terms of what users see most in their stream of content. It is extremely important to stay visible and accessible on social media, therefore budgeting for social media ads may be the most valuable allocation of your overall marketing budget.


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