What is a PR Agency?

PR agency, an abbreviation of Public Relations Agency is a term that is often thrown around but is vaguely understood by most people. A PR agency is a third party company that is hired by individuals or organizations who are looking for advice for various forms of communications that the entity in question has with its different stakeholders. In this short article, we are going to be taking a look at the question of what is a PR agency?

What Is the Difference Between a PR Agency and a Marketing Agency?

Often PR agencies and marketing agencies are muddled up, they are similar as they can both be connected to the image of the company or person but there are slight differences. The aim of marketing consultants is to boost the sales of the company or result in some sort of monetary gain such as an increase in brand value.

On the other hand, a PR agency will be primarily focusing on improving the public image. For many industries, public image is extremely important as your customers need to be able to trust you before they take steps to do business with you. In fact, many people believe that every company requires a good public image in order to be able to function well.

Key Functions of a PR Agency

In this section of the article, we will be providing an overview of some of the key tasks that PR agencies perform for their clients:

* Managing your reputation, first we will start off with the most obvious one, a PR agency will manage your reputation and ensure that you are projecting the image to the world that you want to project. For example, Rolex wants to portray an image that it is a luxury brand while McDonald's wants to reiterate that it is much more than junk food.
* Navigating a relations crisis, sooner or later you or your organization may find themselves in a PR crisis, it is not possible to prevent it as much as you try. If you find yourself in such a situation then it may be a good idea to hire a PR expert that will be able to guide you through the crises in the easiest and most painless way.
* Media & social media, your relationship with the traditional media as well as your social media followers is very important. Most individuals including your customers will gather their opinion about you from what they read about you. PR consultants can help you control the narrative about you as well as ensure that the good news is also highlighted instead of just the bad.
* Conducting research, in order to understand your image that the public has of you, you need to conduct high-quality research that is best done by PR experts. This will include surveys, focus groups as well as online analytics data. Once you have the data, you and your PR consultants can objectively decide the best way forward that will deliver the results that you want.
* Training, many may be surprised by this key function, however, an important role of a PR agency is to provide training to your employees that have the highest probability of affecting your appearance.

How to Benefit the Most From a PR Agency

Hiring a PR agency is an important decision that requires a serious investment, therefore you have to make sure that you are prepared and accept your responsibilities. First of all, you need to have some idea of the objectives that you are trying to achieve, this is important as it will give the PR expert something to work from. It will also make it simpler to measure the outcomes of the PR work.

Additionally, when you are taking any kind of consulting work, you have to be on board the suggestions that are made to you. Even if you happen to disagree for whatever reason, you still have to do your best in order to implement the advice. Later on, if there are no results then you can discontinue the alterations but first, you have to properly analyze if they were effective. Hopefully, in this article, we managed to answer the question of what is a PR agency as well as point you in the right direction of what to expect.

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